Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today was Not the Big Day

Alas, it was not to be. I gave it a shot. I drove down to Loverlyland to go to the yard equipment store, the local dealer for Bercomac. I talked to the dood. He axed me a bunches of questions that demonstrated he didn't know anything about this product, and then he said, "I'm just getting to know these. We've only sold a couple before." But he wrote down everything I told him to write down, and he's going to call the company on Monday to figure exactly what the model numbers are and everything for the mounting kit for my tractor. Soon, I will be as happy as this guy.

I didn't write down the model numbers from the web page. Silly me. I expected that a dealer could figure that out. In fact, I believe we did actually figure it out from the catalog, but he was unconvinced.

The real key here is that this is a special-order thing, so there was no real point in me driving all the way to Loverlyland. I figured that would probably be the case, but I really don't like to do bidness over the phone. I prefer either in person or via internet. Somewhere where I can visually verify that stuff is written down correctly.

I took the whole fambly along for the ride. Then we went to King Stoopers to get some groceries in order to make nachos for lunch. I think I did all the actual cooking today. Made sausages, hash browns, and poached eggs for breakfast, then nachos for lunch. For dinner, the childrens had microwave taquitos that The Mrs. warmed up, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as "cooking." I haven't had dinner yet. I don't think The Mrs. has, either.

Spent much of the day snoozing on the couch while sitting with MaxieC, who spent much of the day watching cartoons. It was a complete waste of a day.

And I loved it.

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