Friday, January 12, 2007

What has happened to this country?

I know the feminists took over the classrooms a while back in an attempt to de-masculinize boys to be more docile and thus more easily manipulated by womens without them having to resort to their god-given ability to control men through what one might call "feminine wiles". But good lord. I don't want to hear about your feelings. I don't want to hear about your delicate sensibilities. And I don't, especially, want to hear about how it's OK for a man to order beer with fruit in it.


I don't.


Rob said...

Beer with fruit...what the heck is the world coming too. It must have been one of those Oak boy softies ;-)

ellie said...

elaborate. . .

Nava said...

Yeah, please do.
What has set you off on this all of a sudden??

Rhonda said...

as the saying goes,
Women. You can't live with 'em and ya can't shoot 'em!

CherkyB said...

Let's just say that in this day and age, if a man decides to tell a story about how much he really loved being an altar boy, I think a little good-natured ribbing is to be expected. If he then uses this as an excuse to launch into a diatribe of leftist surrender-monkey foreign policy advocation, well, then the gloves come off.

Rhonda said...

cherkyb you got it going on here!
Hopefully our country's women won't join Sweden, Germany & Australia's in demanding men SIT while urinating because they're triumphing their masculinity, Therefore degrading women.
They think "standing" is a nasty macho gesture, suggesting male violence!
But looking at one of hollywoods hero's, Jane Fonda donating to Harvard 12.5 million for anti-male research. It looks glim.
As far as I can see feminism is assaulting our schools, families, military, and sports!
I agree with your statement,
the gloves come off!

Judge Judy said...

Maybe if men "sat" they wouldn't pee on the seat or the floor so much!

wife said...

No - just the wall.

So Fat Camp was quite something, eh?

Nava said...

At least I can rest assured knowing it's not Johnny The Duster (formerly The JohnnyB) you're slandering. He hasn't been in Fat Campt, and he's never been an altar boy...
That's quite refreshing.

By the way - is wife becoming French Canadian???