Friday, March 23, 2007


For some reason, I keep thinking this:

1.5*n = w
(1.2*(n+1.5)) = w

solve for n.

I don't know why.


Rob said...

n = 6

w = 9

Rob said...

forgot to add:

(1.2*(n+1.5)) = w
n+1.5 = w/1.2
n = (w/1.2)-1.5

substitute w with 1.5n
1.2n = 1.5n - 1.8
1.2n-1.5n = -1.8

use distributive property
n(1.2-1.5) = -1.8
n = -1.8/(-0.3)
n = 6

Nava said...


Rhonda said...

you're just trying to upstage MaxieC's genius.

CherkyB said...

Poor Cavitation. Trying to prove his technical relevance after making the decision to become a manager.

wife said...

Isn't that like 3rd grade math?

Rob said...

it was Kade who solved it (3 yr old)...just goes to show you what home schooling can do these days ;-)