Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I put the duck on your shelf

I'm not sure why, but I feel compelled to write something tonight despite a complete lack of inspiration. I should probably just post some pictures, but the only picture I have of late is this photo I snapped with my cellphone last week. It's a picture of The Mrs. on her hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. There's definitely something quite primal that stirs in a man's heart when he sees a woman washing a kitchen floor, but this is a family blog.

Maybe I need to get MaxieC to shoot some more photos for me. The last time he did that, it was a raging success.

Today was a glorious waste of a day at work. I spent two hours working on a couple conference papers that will get rejected, and I spent two more hours in meetings discussing those papers. Then, I spent over an hour listen to some guys from the Steve Austin site describing a future product followed by 3 hours meeting with a subset of them and a couple of my coworkers to discuss a particular feature on which I am (along with my two coworkers) one of the company experts. The feature Tinfoil keeps telling me to kill but that my career depends upon. We have another two hours tomorrow. I suppose this counts as me influencing future products outside of my group, so I'll have to write it down under my career accomplishments.

So something very strange happened this evening. I got home, and there was a steak and a cheese-stuffed baked potato on my plate for dinner, and I said to myself, "Self, do you want a beer or a glass of wine to go with that?" Ok, so that's not all that strange. What's strange is that I decided on a Diet Mountain Dew. Thus, I am breaking rule #1 of blogging (never blog sober), and you can tell from the lack of quality. I'm just going through the motions here.

But I need to put up at least five new posts a week in order to keep the AdSense revenue rolling in. My readers are a fickle bunch, and if I go more than a day without a post, they don't come back for a week and revenue tanks.

I just got paid for my ads the second time a couple weeks ago, BTW. I've banked like $230 so far. That's nearly $20/month. Wow.

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Nava said...

Mountain Dew? That is scary!
Want a shipment of The JohnnyB's recent beer batch?

I got my first AdSense payment, and am awaiting the second one.
Then we'll move to a mansion like Texied's or something of the sort.