Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet the Fambly

Tonight, I was downstairs with MaxieC settling in for an evening of him watching television whilst I write the Great American blog, and I looked down at the floor and saw a cricket sitting there. There seem to be a lot of crickets around here, and the occasional cricket in the basement apparently goes with the territory as naturally as being able to smell Greeley.

My first inclination is to stomp it, then go get a paper towel to clean it up. But I figure, what the hell. "Hey, MaxieC. Look. A Cricket!"

Oh boy.

"Let's get something to catch it in."

I find an old cookie container and catch the cricket.

"OK, MaxieC. Let's go let it go outside."

On the way to the door, we see HannahC. Again, I decide to be The Good Daddy, which is generally the exact opposite of The Smart Daddy, "Hey, HannahC. Look what we've got."

"Oh wow, a cricket! Let's get something to keep her in!"

HannahC starts rooting around in The Mrs.'s Rubbermaid® containers. Again, I fall on my sword.

"I have the perfect thing in the garage. You childrens wait here."

They follow me.

I dig out the old 2.5 gal fish tank that Fishie and Bob used to live in.

So, with that introduction, I present to you the latest edition to our fambly, Tic TackieC.


Anonymous said...


Nava said...

Congratulations. Is the fair Tic TackieC going to be home schooled as well?

Rhonda said...

who named Fishie and Bob and what have you done with them?

Tic TackieC how cute is he!

CherkyB said...

I think HannahC named Fishie and I named Bob. They lived a long and happy life for about two years right up until the point that HannahC got big enough to climb up on the counter, stick her hands in the tank,try to pet them, and feed them "snacks" of the type small girls will eat but fish decidedly will not.

Then, they mysteriously died.

Rhonda said...

You just described the Dentist's niece, Darla in Finding Nemo.

Hopefully TicTackieC will lead a good long cricket life.