Monday, March 19, 2007

True Artistry

A lot of people fancy themselves artists, but tonight I got to witness the real thing.

I was sitting in a little joint called The Lazy Dog enjoying a 22oz. beer and watching a little b-ball, and in came a couple guys who sat at the other end of the bar. The seemed to be regulars, as the bartender and waitress knew them. They were also construction workers of some sort. There was a lot of discussion about carrying shingles up ladders and driving bulldozers and backhoes.

At any rate, there was one fellow who did all the talking. I mean, he never stopped. From the moment he walked in until the moment I left, he talked non-stop. But he was truly an artist. I was so impressed, I actually had to keep score for a while.

He managed to use the word "f$@&ing" 14 times in the first 60 seconds I was counting. He sometimes wedged it into a single sentence three times.

I was in awe.


Nava said...

As we all f$@&ing are!.

Rhonda said...

one of my favorite words.

Manly Lesbian said... does one pronounce that word?

Nava said...

Manly Lesbian, I am so glad you asked!
The fourth letter is the toughest - you need to roll your tongue and then touch the back of your esophagus (big word for an immigrant, Eh?).
Takes years of practice - that's why that man got CherkyB's awe.

ellie said...

that is definitely a form of artistry.