Monday, April 02, 2007

Deck Pressure

The deck pressure has become relentless, yet with a delicate touch. I think we'll begin soliciting bids in a week or so. I'm wondering if we need to hire a professional designer first. It would likely be the right thing to do, as then the bids would actually all be for the same job.

I spent like half of yesterday messing with one of the ponds in the back. I had drained it, and I got in there with the hose, a scrub brush, and a pump and really cleaned it out. MaxieC was in charge of the hose for a while, but he kept shooting me with it. After he shot me right in the face, I grabbed it and soaked his head, and then he went screaming off to The Mrs.

Problem solved.

I also bit the bullet and put the mowing deck back on the tractor. I sharpened the blades first, and then mowed a bit.

Tonight at dinner, MaxieC told me a knock-knock joke he made up. It started like this:
MaxieC: "Knock knock."

Me, CherkyB: "Who's there?"

MaxieC: "Blow."
Which brings up an interesting story from a while ago. HannahC and I were preparing some kind of food, and HannahC said, "I wish we didn't have to eat meat." "Why not?" "I wish we didn't have to kill the animals. In fact, it's my dream that everyone stops eating meat."

I sure hope that HannahC isn't becoming a lesbian. Or worse. A Democrat.

On Saturday, the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine had an open house. They gave tours, had demonstrations (including an apearance by the Top Hogs), and had a little mini petting zoo. The thing was "hosted" by all the vet students. Which made me think of this classic as I continuously scanned the horizon for signs of trouble. I did hear one of the students say to one of the guests, "And I just loooooove animals sooo much!" But she didn't look familiar. Maybe if she had had a beer in her hand or something.


Rhonda said...

On the professional designer:
If I give you some ideas...hell I'll even graph them out, can you send me a check?

wife said...

I've decided to boycott your blog due to the sheer inanity of it. I'll read blogauthor's instead.


Nava said...

Hey, don't deduce from one dinner of grapes and cheese on all Democrats.

ellie said...

Hannah may have actually been influenced on the vegetarian thing by her mother. I recall when I was visiting two summers ago (the time Hannah struck gold on the Dior bag) and Hannah said, "Aunt Danielle, why do I love so many pieces of meat? Mommy says we're all just big pieces of meat in the world."

CherkyB said...

Dearest wife, you can go ahead and boycott my blog if you like, but I don't know what you'll do with all your spare time. You hit my blog 17 times yesterday alone. Even the dear husband and wife team only hit it 11 times (though the husband may have snuck in a hit or two from work that would be harder for me to discern).

Perhaps a better plan might be to try to do something to make my daily life less sheerly inane. Or, perhaps you should boycott my weather blog instead. You wouldn't miss much by doing that.

Nava said...

". . . I don't know what you'll do with all your spare time"
For someone who sits and counts how many times each reader visits your blog, I am not sure it's your dearest wife who's having all that spare time.

Besides, how come your wife's visits show? Don't you have blocking cookies on your own computers?

(-) The wife from the "dear husband and wife team".

CherkyB said...

I have a blocking cookie on my computer, but not on my wife's. Why would I block her? She's my biggest fan.

Nava said...

Oh, you have a His and Her computers.
Very smart for the clickage.

We share.

ellie said...

Brian's not as much a Republican as he is a Libertarian, or am I wrong on that?


CherkyB said...

Republican, libertarian, libertine. Why are we so hung up with labels?

wife said...

OK so I lasted about 20 hours. Dinner isn't ready yet. As CherkyB pointed out to me, a boycott shows that you care. So I'm back.

CherkyB is a self-defined one issue voter.

CherkyB said...

I have Ellie to thank for the "boycott shows that you care" angle. Sisters really know how to manipulate one another, it seems.

I'm not sure I've ever taken advice from Ellie before. Hmmm...