Monday, October 01, 2007

The Blogging is Light

You may have noticed. The reasons for this are twofold: first, we've all been sick with a nasty cold for a couple weeks now, and I'm spending a lot more time asleep than usual; second, I have taken up reading again for no good reason. I imagine I'll have to put some book reviews up here soon. Speaking of which, I have a great new idea for a recurring feature here at Me, CherkyB.

You see, I was poking around in our "multi-cultural room" at work on Friday, and I noticed that they have now labeled the bookshelf "The Diversity Library." And each shelf is labeled something different to do with diversity, like "Diversity Reading" and "Diversity Pamphlets" and such rot. Being as I'm now officially a member of the diversity community at work on account of where a couple of my grandparents happened to live at some point in their lives, I figured it was my duty to work my way through the Diversity Library one book at a time.

Now, I figure if I'm going to all that pain to understand why it is that every year The Man doesn't give me that big promotion I've been on the cusp of for the last 4 years, you know aside from the fact that I'm kind of a wise-ass and nobody likes to put a wise-ass in a position of authority, at least I can do my part to spread diversity learning to the Me, CherkyB crowd. So keep your eyes open for "Diversity Corner with your host Señor CherkyB". I finished the first book last night, much to the consternation of The Mrs. See, being a white woman of traditionally oppressive Germanic/Scottish descent (or whatever the hell she is - she actually refuses to tell me when I query), she is extremely threatened by Me embracing my Diversity. Much the way Hillary Clinton or John Edwards or any other WASPy female Democrat with an expensive hair-do secretly loathes Obama.

Speaking of which, I was browsing at a sporting goods store today while HannahC was at her swimming lesson, and I couldn't decide between the "Smith & Wesson" and the "Got Beer?" trailer hitch cover. So I didn't get either. My trailer hitch remains unadorned after 4 years.

I did cast another glance at that little pink .22 carbine. HannahC would love that so much. Tonight at dinner she was quizzing me about when she could go deer hunting, and I told her when she was big enough to shoot either a .30-30 or a .308. Then I told her she was probably old enough to get her own .22, and she said (I'm not making this up, mind you), "Darn it! That's not big enough to kill a deer."

Then she asked me if there were any wild cows. Cuz she really likes steak. Then she asked about wild pigs, which really do exits though not around here. She also wanted me to teach her to roll her r's like a good diversity child (I happened to be discussing Diversity Corner with The Mrs. at dinner), but I didn't know how to teach it. I am a pathetic diversity father, but when the jihadis come for her, she'll shoot their eyes out.

I have a line on a place nearby where you can catch really big bluegills. Tinfoil told me about it, but has yet to disclose the exact location. He promised to send me a map. I'll have to pester him.

I got the cap on the pickup on Saturday. It didn't take long. Today, I was driving HannahC to swimming lessons, and I kept thinking how the truck was handling differently and even sounding different, and I was hoping nothing was breaking. Then I happened to glance in the rear-view mirror and saw the cap. Duh!

A friend of mine is getting married, but he hasn't actually admitted that yet. I hope I get an invite and there's an open bar. Actually, only the second one is necessary.


Nava said...

"at least I can do my part to spread diversity learning". . .

I almost choked on my coffee! CherkyB, the leader of anti French and anti Canadians and anti French-Canadians, spreading the message of diversity to da world?

Ahhh, I'll definitely look for that "Diversity Corner".

blogauthor said...

Are you related to Borat?

p.s. I need a carpet cleaner review please.

manly lesbian said...

His mother in law was once married to Borat...

ellie said...

I hope Hannie can learn to roll her rs. I still can't do it. You and diversity--this will be a hoot. I personally have been wanting to buy a t-shirt that says, "Don't hate me because I'm efficient."

manly lesbian said...

I've been looking for a t shirt that says "Don't hate me because I am a Manly Lesbian"