Friday, October 05, 2007

Oh Heavens

We had to drop the winivan off at the dealership today so that the DVD player could be replaced. It stopped ejecting discs when it's warm. One could assume this is because it's a cheap piece of Japanese crap, except for the cheap part. But it may have been damaged that time HannahC jammed multiple DVDs into the single slot a while back. It's being replaced for free under warranty, so whatever.

On the way back, The Mrs. announced that we should stop to get some take-out. The standard problem immediately broke out: The Mrs. wanted Good Times/Taco John's, but I had eaten there for lunch, so I suggested the Arby's right next door, and HannahC was very excited about that, but The Mrs. has suddenly decided she hates Arby's, so she suggested KFC, and MaxieC started yelling, "Yeah! KFC! KFC!" much like Bozzetto does whenever we go there without telling his wife, but HannahC was yelling, "No! Arby's!" and The Mrs. was saying, "Well, I'll just eat leftover chili at home, so you decide wherever we'll eat," in order to make me the bad guy for picking one child's place over the other's.

We happened to be driving by the mall, so I suggested the food court there. HannahC had a burrito, MaxieC had pizza, and The Mrs. and I had Greek. Then The Childrens got Dairy Queen for dessert.

While we were eating, The Mrs. broke the news to me. Fat Moother aka Manly Lesbian aka Granny aka my mother-in-law is coming to visit us in just over two weeks. A surprise visit due to some unexpected airfare sale. HannahC was very upset by the protocol of a surprise visit, but we later figured out it was because she has recently moved into the basement guest bedroom so that she can sleep in a king sized bed, and she doesn't want to give it up for houseguests without sufficient advanced warning. And she doesn't consider 16 days sufficient.

Man, that child is so much like her mother that I am already pitying the poor man who marries her. I imagine many a day spent, he and I, sitting on one of our decks with some beers, staring blankly off into space and saying, "Yup," to one another every now and then.

I've decided to name him Steve.

I've given up referring to my daughter as "Kelly", my son as "Bud", my wife as "Peggy", and my dog as "Buck", though. No one seemed to get it.

But, anyways, for those of you who forgot, the last time The Mrs.'s mother visited us it made for great blogging. As a refresher, start here then read this and this and this.

We might go fishing tomorrow. Hard to say. The weather is supposed to be lousy, but better than Sunday.

I think I'll have the first installment of Diversity Corner ready tomorrow. The Mrs. is reading the first book, so I have to wait for her to finish in order to write my review so I can pull out choice burbs.


ellie said...

Granny could always sleep upstairs.

CherkyB said...

It's a loft bed. I don't think Granny would want to climb the ladder to get in and out of bed.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking that I am due for a hospital visit and I have never been in a hospital in Detroit which Is where I have to change planes. I guess we will not be going for any car rides up in the twisty curvy mountain roads with kids kicking the seat in which I am sitting.

I would climb the ladder but the bed would probably collapse. They don't call me Fat Moother for nothing you know. Hannah can have the bed downstairs, I will sleep on the futon. All I need is a place to plug in my handy dandy C-PAP machine.

I am not high maintenance so you don't have to scurry around doing anything special. Just stock up on Diet Pepsi and I will be just fine! A good time will be had by all Damn it.

Anonymous said...

HannahC will sleep in her own bed and you will have the guest room. The children are very excited.

Anonymous said...

I hope so. Granny is very excited and she always brings lots of gifts.

Anonymous said...

Uh forget the gifts this time - It is not close enough to Christmas to open them early and I don't have the funds for two holidays. I already bought all their Christmas stuff for this year. I am taking one wheely suitcase and that is all.

Anonymous said...

They don't need gifts, but they could each open one of the Xmas things from Moo Moo that already arrived if she wants them to. Having her here will be plenty, and she can halp HannahC finish up some old projects. I'm going to clear our schedule of all but a few things (probably HannahC's swimming, musical theater and hip hop, and MaxieC's gymnastics.)

Anonymous said...

No need to clear the schedule- I do not want to disrupt anything. I want to see the kids in action. Just as long as I don't have to walk more than a couple hundred feet.

CherkyB said...

We've got the realtor all lined up for a tour of the low rent districts.

Anonymous said...

Greeley has a Poopsi plant - I should stop in and see if there are any openings! Then I can buy a trailer next to it.