Saturday, October 20, 2007

Let the Suffering Begin

23 hours before the arrival of her mother, and The Mrs. has cranked it into high gear. She's bossing everybody around and huffing and puffing that the house isn't clean. I 'splained to her that her mother already knows she doesn't keep a tidy house, but I just got yelled at for that.

So my role is apparently that of scapegoat. It is my job to watch MaxieC and "keep him busy" while at the same time making more forward progress on cleaning the house in an hour than The Mrs. makes in an entire week, because she can't make forward progress while watching MaxieC.

I better go. I hear growling.


ellie said...

did you get rubber sheets for the bed? how are the kids doing on calling people stupid head? granny's been known to swat.

gleneagle said...

Preschool for MaxieC or a housecleaning service for The Mrs are not viable options?

Slick Bones said...

Oh... that's why... that explains a lot.

What maths? Is there some maths involved in getting a comment accepted?

Christ Almighty.

wife said...

You'd think CherkyB could vacuum a room without having to stop to play suduko every 3 seconds.

It's a courtesy to attempt at least a minimal amount a cleaning before company arrives. Like a clean toilet and sink.

Nava said...

So..... last time Fat Moother was visiting you, we all read with bated breath the events of the barfing vacation. you better read your carpet cleaning guide, just in case.

Fat Moother said...

Hey - why are you cleaning for me - I don't give a flying rats ass if the house is clean or not. Jeez.