Saturday, October 06, 2007


HannahC and I tried to go fishing today at a new place. It was a fiasco. The place we tried to go was surrounded by a barbed wire fence, so we fished in the lake next to it. That lake doesn't have any fish, it seems. I knew that, as the recent reports on Fish Explorer reported a lack of fish. HannahC immediately got bored and decided to try to play with the ducks that were living there.

After a while, we packed up and left. I called Tinfoil, who had told me about the barbed-wire place to try to figure out if there was some way in that we were missing, but he didn't answer. Then he called me back about 15 minutes later and told me where the hidden entrance was. It was like 50 yards from where we were fishing, but there happened to be a truck parked there blocking any view of it from the road.

So we did a U-turn and headed back. The place was absolutely lousy with little kids who had showed up all in the previous 15 minutes (we say them driving in as we were leaving), so we ended up way off at one end of the pond. The pond was loaded with bluegill. Bluegill who were remarkably adept at eating the worms off hooks without getting caught. We fed them about a dozen crawlers plus a preserved cricket without catching any.

HannahC, though, had to be at gymnastics practice at noon, so we only got in about 20 minutes of fishing before having to pack up again to leave. I managed to get behind an RV going 10 mph below the limit, then I got boatloads of red lights, then got caught behind an old man in a Cadillac, so we were a couple minutes late to gymnastics, but whatever.

HannahC wants to go back tomorrow. The Mrs. tells me that it might snow tomorrow. I think that's hokum.

The Childrens and I washed the truck today. I had taken it through a carwash last weekend twice (the second time for free cuz the first time it came out just as dirty as it went in) before giving u on trying to get it clean in the carwash and washing it by hand. Touch-free carwashes are the absolute stupidest idea ever come up with. Well, other than Code Pink.

I also waxed it. It is shiny, but I noticed a number of little spots that seemed to be the start of rust. It's only 4 years old, and 3 of those years were in Sunny California, so I shouldn't be seeing any rust. Yet, I have a hard time explaining little wart-like bumps in the paint on the roof any other way. I shall keep my eye on it.

The piece of wood that is embedded in my leg is hurting less today. I wonder if I will have to have it cut out at some point. It doesn't seem to be dissolving on its own. It has been about two months so far. I'll give it until the spring.


manly lesbian said...

What piece of wood in yer leg?

Nava said...

Yeah, why do you have a piece of wood in your leg? Is that a diversity thing?

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CherkyB said...

Fragmentation grenade.

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