Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear God No!

I just ran out of Captain Morgan. Someone send reinforcements.

I caught no fish again today. I had a pretty large bluegill or pumpkinseed fish snatching at my buzzbait quite a bit, but it just couldn't get the big hook in its mouth.

Like prom night all over again, as they say.

Tomorrow morning HannahC and I go on a homeschool field trip to the factory of a local maker of commercial lawn mowers. Homeschooling is fun. I have to miss a review session with my boss's boss where we go over all the plans for the group until the project ends, though. Oh, the sacrifices one makes as homeschooling parent. I did manage to get my boss to cover for herself at the meeting, though. See, she was on vacation when the plans for our sub-group needed to be drawn up, and I was covering for her, so I put those together. So really, she'll be covering for me not being there to present her plans that I wrote while covering for her.

The one hand washes the other.

HannahC starts school on Monday. Its a homeschool school that I don't pretend to understand, but it meets just once a week and somehow allows our local school district to get state and/or federal funds by having kids who wouldn't be attending public school go there once a week. It's a special program designed as kind of reinforced independent study. I think The Mrs.'s prime motivation for sending her is to get her out of the house once day a week. MaxieC will be old enough to go next year, and then The Mrs. has promised to stop refusing to clean the house.

Or something.

Tonight was garbage night. I took the garbage out at 9:05, and I appeared to be the only one who had the garbage out. This got me to doubting whether it really was garbage night. So I came inside and checked out all your blogs.

Yup. Garbage night.

Except when I checked Rhonda's Blog, it said it was deleted. What happened to Rhonda? Has she also gone to those still waters of August like the Badger and The JohnnyB?

Someone at work today told me he thought public schools were right-wing indoctrination camps. Then he said he was from Oregon, and it all made sense. Otherwise, he's seems like a pretty decent guy.


wife said...

It's not even our school district. It falls under charter school from another district. It's mostly fun elective classes, for free. Indoctrination kept to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

I thought you wanted your kids to be right-wing indoctrinated.