Friday, August 29, 2008

Some things are unlearnable

The Mrs.'s brother and his wife are visiting us. We live at an altitude of just about 5000 ft. When lowlanders come to visit us, this requires a bit of adjustment time. We all know this.

Yet, for some reason, every visitor is in some way "special" and just doesn't need this acclimation time. We always manage to find some reason to manage to head off to Estes Park (at 7000 ft) and Rocky Mountain National Park (at 11,000-12,000 ft) like, I dunno, within a day of our guests' arrival.

You would think that by now, our guests would know this is a bad idea. We have established a firm rule that we won't take people up there within the first two days.

But, of course, today was "special". Our guests are marathon runners, and thus in optimum shape. They are here for just two days. Plus, they have their own rental car with NeverLost and will go without us if we refuse to escort them.

And hell, we haven't been up there in a while. So, since they're gonna go anyways, we may as well make a day out of it.

Twisty mountain roads at 11,000 ft. with folks who get carsick easily.

So I'm going to tell you people this just one time: if you ever come to visit us, do not insist we head up to Estes and RMNP the first day. Really. It's for your own good. I don't care what kind of shape you think you are in.

We probably ought to start stocking barf bags in the minivan.

While at RMNP, we only saw one limo and one Prius, so my worry that the place would be lousy with Democrats was perhaps unfounded.

I'm blogging from the front porch while smoking a cigar and drinking bourbon. A green bug of some kind just landed in my bourbon and promptly died.

That is, as you know, one of the signs of good bourbon.

We've got the schoolroom all painted and The Childrens moved in there. The Mrs. picked up a couple drafting tables to use as desks (my idea). Aaron Brothers had a drafting table/chair/lamp combo on sale for $99. Hell of a deal, considering an actual desk is over $400 and isn't height/tilt adjustable. The room looks good. I'll take some pictures before they wreck it.

Tomorrow, the womenfolk are planning an excursion to JoAnn Fabrics. Maybe I'll take MaxieC to Sportsman's Warehouse and get a new gun or something. You know, before Obama makes it illegal. I think I can fit a couple more in the safe before I'll have to upgrade safes.


ellie said...

I recall feeling sick when even when we went to the Redwoods. One way to avoid nausea is to go up the mountains on a bike.

Fat moother said...

I recall BEING sick at Estes park - hehehehe.

gordy said...

i felt pretty good at estes park. i probably shouldn't have eaten so much pizza.

ellie said...

granny, I know. I heard all about it. now i wanna puke.

Isadora Goodpuke said...

I wonder if the animals in the park such as deer or raccoons or even the birds feast on barf?