Friday, August 22, 2008


Fat Camp was fun. But not as much fun as this guy had. Those wacky Canadians!

Tomorrow will begin another weekend in the school-room painting saga. I had hoped to finish this weekend, but due to the tragic events of last weekend (that I can't mention without running the risk of further weeping, as I noted before), it may push onwards. It all depends on how quickly we can do the trim. And by "we," I mean "I". That is, assuming the repair for the aforementioned unmentionable does not add an additional day of work all by itself. Carl, Jr., spent most of lunch quizzing me on why it is I would agree to paint instead of go fishing on a weekend.

I don't think I actually agreed to it. I think it was thrust upon me.

Soon the big DNC gala hits town. On the radio, they've been all abuzz about the terrorist activity that has been found out about so far but that is getting little play in the press. In particular, how a reclusive 300 lbs. Canadian Muslim who lived with his parents in Ottowa and had no independent means of support ended up dead in a $250/night hotel room in Denver with a pound of cyanide and over $2000 in cash, and now it's ruled a suicide with no connection to terrorism. Also, reports that bricks are being found taped to the backs and bottoms of dumpsters all around the location of the convention, in theory so that "anarchists" can make it through security and still have stuff readily at hand with which to smash windows. It sure looks like it will be an eventful coronation. I hope no one gets hurt.

I plan to not watch a second of it, just like my plan was with The Olympics. I don't believe we should grant tacit approval to communists by giving them big TV ratings.

HannahC wants to go fishing tomorrow. Maybe we can all go over to Eastman Park where there's a big playground and a small pond stocked with bluegill and largemouth. It's quite nearby, and Max can play on the playground when he gets bored after three casts.

My whole basement is covered in popcorn. I don't pretend to know why. They seem to be sewing it into popcorn chains that they hang on the back tree for birds, but I don't know why there is salt everywhere along with the popcorn. Do birds like their popcorn salted?

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RIO said...

What? You mean you've never been drunk, high, naked, driving AND masturbating? C'mon! Where do you think the Canadians GOT the idea? France?? No. The Cherky. The Cherky Love. You bring down the property values with your popcorn basement.