Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mail Call

Today, I finally felt up to doing something that was on my list of "things to do on my vacation" - shred the mail that I had piled up on the kitchen counter that wasn't technically "junk" but that I did not want. The material went back to June '07.

Things like old utility bills, old credit card bills, old transactional statements from the health insurance that get sent every time someone goes to a doctor or dentist. Plus a very large pile of old paystubs that I'll never need because who needs all their paystubs ever? I've switched to electronic delivery of an awful lot of this stuff now, so I don't actually have to shred nearly as much.

The shredding took almost three hours, with both childrens helping most of the time. I had to open each envelope, make sure I didn't want it, and then put it into a bin. Then MaxieC would unfold the papers and hand them to HannahC, who would in turn run them through the cross-cut shredder. We managed to overheat the shredder once and had to give it a half-hour break, and we almost filled our big, giant garbage can. Probably about 35 gallons of volume of shreds, though the actual papers that were shredded were maybe 1/8 that. I'll probably have to pack it down a bit.

It seems like what I really want is a 17ish ft. aluminum hulled bass boat with about 50hp. The fiberglass stuff I had been looking at is way too heavy and expensive and easily damaged. I got a Bass Pro gift card for Christmas (Thanks to the Queen Moother), so I'm almost all the way to a Tracker Pro Team 175 TXW. I figure, after my birthday, I'm there.

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