Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm not much for poetry

But, damn, Angry Thespian has a knack. It almost makes me worry about the future of the free world.

Though, I guess, Reno 911 is one of my favorite shows. So no worries, aye mate?

To day for me was one of those days that I was really really busy all day at work, but I didn't actually do anything. All talk. No action.

Like prom night all over again, as they say.

Surprisingly, I ran in to Cavitation at work. Surprising, given he lives in Costa Rica. He snuck in to town on some personal bidness, but also came in to work to meet with a whole bunch of people with whom I work, but he decided to keep it a secret from me and my crew. I would have been offended except, as I always end up recalling later after being offended for a while, we're not actually friends.

But, on the bright side, I found his little Uhaul out in the parking lot when I was going home - the one he claimed he'd be too busy returning to have a beer with me - and it was unlocked and empty. So I peed in the back of it.

Go luck with that cleaning deposit, old pal.

Research on the bass boat continues, despite the economic downturn. I'm thinking I might like a Triton instead of a Tracker because the Triton is all aluminum, and the Tracker has plywood casting decks. Some people have reported that the deck hatches for the compartments under the deck are pretty flimsy on the Tracker because the plywood is too thin.

I did not do any reps on the erg today, despite having more than one blog.

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