Saturday, April 04, 2009

Well, that sucked

We went to the Larimer County Boating and Fishing Expo today. It sucked. Good thing it was free.

We were supposed to have a blizzard last night-though-today that was going to drop 12"-14" of snow and have really high winds. It was windy alright, but I don't think we got more than an inch of snow. The wind managed to pile it up in drifts here and there that got a good foot deep, and so we got to have some fun driving through that on the dirt road behind our neighborhood on the way back from the Expo. My truck is now completely covered in slushy mud.

At least last night the snow was quite pretty. The Mrs. sat in the fambly room watching the snow fall in the wind and drinking heavily.

Which, for her, means she had one drink. A Black Russian, which is the only thing she ever drinks despite the utter scrumptiousness of my own drink recipes.

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blogauthor said...

Blizzards .... In april?? Ick. Now i know why i live in the sowff