Friday, April 24, 2009

Again with the mice

Today, I happened to glance into the closet by the garage where The Childrens keep their shoes. I noticed there was a lot of dog food strewn about in there. Hmmm. That usually means mice.

So I checked for turds.

Yup. Mice. Turds on the floor. Turds on the shelf. Turds in the shoe caddy.

Plus, I found dogfood in the toes of some of The Mrs.'s shoes that were in there. I didn't actually find any little mousy nests, though. I see that as a good thing, as I'm not as quick as I once was (though I'm as quick once as I ever was), so I don't really like to grab mice and squeeze them to death with my bare hands anymore.

I checked the perimeter defenses, and there were dead mice in two of the three traps. One of the dead ones was covered in ants. They'd been there a while. So I dumped out the deaders and reset the traps, moving two of them into the shoe closet.

Now that we have Amazon Prime, I ordered me up a couple more traps. Can never be too careful.

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blogauthor said...

*snicker* re: once ... I love that country song