Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I just got unjustly accused

The Mrs. just forced me to show her all my facebook friends because she suspected I was having an affair with someone nicer than she via facebook. She suspected this because I told her that a guy I used to be friends with in elementary school and that she knew from high school was one of my (few - I'm not very popular) facebook friends, and he had sent me an email telling about his family.

So, naturally, she assumed I was cheating on her. How sad she was to discover that my only non-relative female facebook friend was blogauthor.

Now, if I were blogauthor, I'd be deeply offended that The Mrs. dismissed out of hand the possibility of us having an affair.

But then again, I did say she expected I was having an affair with someone nicer.


ellie said...

I take it your not friends with Dana Deep?

blogauthor said...

Been wondering when the mrs would join up so i can drop your sorry ass.

RIO said...

Well, you *do* smell rather nice. Like Tacos.