Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rain Rain...

...go the hell away.

The butterfly bush has begun its dance with death. It should probably be pruned back, but it's raining. It might still live. Or it may just join the Others in the Garden of Death.

Today I am what we call WFH (working from home). It means I call in to a meeting or two, answer some emails, send a bunch of urgent IMs, and I don't count it as a vacation day. It's a lot like a Saturday, only without quite as much complaining.

The Mrs. is at the dentist. She loves to go to the dentist. At first, she loved it cuz they always gave her the gas cuz she claimed to be hypersensitive. Then, later, it turned out her hypersensitivity was more of a character issue than a medical condition, and they stopped gassing her.

I however, have continued gassing her. Escpecially if I've had Mexican food.

Now, she still loves going to the dentist. This is because he always manages to tell her some long, involved, and inappropriate story about one of his other patients or one of his friends, or his left nut. She learned what a hydrocele was at one of her favorite visits. I always look forward to her reports when she returns from the dentist.

Maybe you should, too.

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Interesting how the nuts get swollen! I'm glad I learned about that before I died.

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