Saturday, March 25, 2006

There we go

Looks like AdSense is back up and running. You'll note the wonderful advertising bar across the top of the section. On Monday, I imagine I'll be able to quit my day job as the big bucks start rolling in.

Today will be a day of much excitement. HannieC has a gymnastics class at 12:30, and then she has a piano recital at 2:30. She's playing Allegretto I & II.

CherkyD started the day off right, by sleeping in late and getting up grumpy. At one point, I was talking to one of the childrens, and I said that I was cranky. CherkyD pipes up and says, "You're not cranky. I'm cranky today."

Then HannieC yelled, "No, I'm cranky!" And MaxieC jumps in with the fact that he's cranky. So we all competed to see who was the crankiest. It was no contest.

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Do we get to hears Hannies solo? Does we gets to watch it even?