Monday, March 27, 2006

Artificial Intelligence at Work

It's better to have artificial intelligence than no intelligence at all.

Did you catch how I posted the Ode to Fat Moother, and the AdSense context-sensitive advertisements immediately dropped in a "Look Sexy Naked" weight loss program ad? Eerie. [update: now it's gone.]

Today is one of those days where I feel moved to write, but nothing seems to be there. I spent some time online trying to find a pellet trap. Seems these things aren't readily available at discount prices. Everybody wants too much. Except maybe CheaperThanDirt.

My miter saw is sitting in the "not yet shipped" status at amazon. That's what I get for selecting the Super Saver shipping. But shipping otherwise was $40, so I'll be ahead. I won't have the saw in time to build garden boxes this weekend, but it'll be raining the whole weekend anyways.

I once again priced superchargers for the truck. That is sheer foolishness, but luckily, they once again came in over $5k. So scratch that off the birthday list. I can maybe hope only for a lift kit. Or perhaps a new wallet.

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Is that miter saw for real at that price or is it rip off? Is it new or used? Thank you for the ode to fat moother - is was sooo moooving. (moved my bowels that is). I am going to invest in a set of saw horses.

Built a new picnic bench - fartproof this time.

today's secret word is hpxeige- oops didnt work. try lyblnfn