Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Some Pictures

There have been complaints piling up in my emailbox that I do too much talking and not enough picturing. So I spent a half hour today installing all the photo software for our Canon Powershot A520. Then I went out and took some great shots of the Garden of Death.

In this first picture, you get to see the "after" shot of the butterfly bush/tangello tree relocation. That scraggly little "tree" up against the fence is the tangello tree. It is in the spot where the butterfly bush used to live. In front of it is the big divot left by the removal of the tangello tree. We didn't have enough soil left over to fill in the hole, oddly. I'll have to get some soil by scraping down the berm here and there and moving the dirt to this hole. Or maybe we'll have a big rain storm that will fill it in on its own.

If you look way over on the right in the corner of the yard, you can see a little potted plant. That is sitting on Birdie's grave. Poor Birdie. Max insists we keep two potted plants on Birdie's gravestone.

Now, these next two pictures are before and after. I'm not sure I can get them next to each other cuz I stink at HTML, but we'll see. The first one is the butterfly bush in its new location, dying. The second one is after I carefully pruned a lot of the longer branches in an attempt to keep it from dying by alleviating the great water demands that can no longer be satisfied by the disrupted root system. Up close, it looked better than from far away. It may yet live.

Hmmm. That worked out OK. You can really tell the difference, huh?

Now, this next shot is of the hanging gardens of Babylon. The little plant baskets that started the whole thing.

Don't look like much, do they?

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What is the big wire contraption that the plants are hanging from? todays secret word is fqnuqi