Monday, March 20, 2006

Well well well

Another fine day has past without serious incident. Work was work. Nothing but dull pain today, though I think there is some backstabbing in the works. That old [redacted] is once again creating trouble in an area I technically own but have not really had time to focus on yet. He is going to drive a small piece of it and likely feel a hero. Good for him. I'm tired of playing hero. I just want to get home at a decent hour.

The wife, the lovely and talented CherkyD, is upstairs cha-chinging over all the "free" stuff she will get from hosting a triple soak-your-friends party on Saturday. Kara Vita skin care, Usbourne books, and some candle company that I don't know the name of. I made the margaritas from a recipe I got off webtender. The bartender's margarita. Didn't have enough Grand Marnier, though. Just as well, as that stuff is as expensive as hell, and there was just a bunch of women here and no hot tub or anything. HannieC, MaxieC, FreddyD, and I were relegated to the outdoors. I took the kids to the park.

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Nava said...


Well well well indeed - The JohnnyB has gone a long way since.