Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend Wrapup

As though three days of fun weren't enough, we decided to have even more fun on Sunday. HannieC's new bed finally came in this past week, and it had been sitting in the garage where The Mrs. is supposed to park. It came in 4 boxes labeled "1 of 7", "2 of 7", "5 of 7", and "6 of 7".

Two of these boxes were very, very large. About 4'x5'x2'. When they first arrived, I had asked The Mrs. how were were going to get those upstairs. The purpose of this question was as a lead-in to an excuse to buy a new tool - a hand cart/dolly. The Mrs., always thinking, said, "We'll open up the boxes and take the stuff up in pieces. It's not going to be just one piece in the box."

I ignored this. When Sunday rolled around, The Mrs. asks me when I expect we can start moving HannieC's old bed and dresser into MaxieC's room and putting together her new bed. I say, "Well, I was planning to go to OSH first to get a dolly." And off we go to OSH. I picked out this nice, blue one:

It was really helpful, as it turned out those big 5x4x2 boxes each had only one piece of furniture in it. And they were really heavy. With the dolly, it took both The Mrs. and Me, CherkyB to get those things up the stairs. We never would have made it otherwise. I'm guessing well over a hundred pounds. This is nice furniture. The bottoms of the drawers are even made of wood planks, not pressboard.

I also note that they chamfered the plank edges at the joints. Just like I did for the garden of death boxes. Very professional.

We got the new bed up more-or-less without incident. HannieC got way overexcited and kept getting in the way to "help", which caused a bit of a ruckus at times. Also, one of my cordless drill batteries is now dead-dead. It didn't make it through driving just one screw.

We had to get HannieC a new mattress cuz her current one was too thick, and we also stopped off at Lamps Plus and bought a halogen light strip that I mounted in her desk cubby. Here she is working at her desk behind the veil:

She's quite attached to the new bed.

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