Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Sad Counter

This nifty little counter I put in above the posts gives me all kinds of statistics so that I can target my advertising and my content more effectively. What I have actually learned, though, is that for three days, there have been a total of 4 actual readers: CJ, Peanut, The Mrs., and someone in Buffalo using a Comcast Cable modem and running in 800x600 dpi screen resolution.

Now who in Buffalo could possibly be using 800x600 screen resolution? I could swear I set up the compooter we bought Fat Moother in 1024x768, but maybe it was 800x600. I'm pretty sure Ellie runs a higher resolution than 800x600, since she moonlights as a web designer. Possibly my parents? But last time I checked, they were in 1024x768 also, and I doubt they muck with it.

800x600 is so old school. It implies a 15" monitor. Or perhaps a cheap laptop.

Who could it be?

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