Friday, May 12, 2006

One More

A bonus post for tonight, since the stooge is burning longer than normal due to its freshness and slight overhumidification.

Yesterday, I'm playing with MaxieC after dinner. He has a "Happy Fambly" doll house that is a hand-me-down from HannieC, who has moved exclusively to her Barbie Dream House. (I hope that doesn't become a hand-me down to MaxieC...) He was playing with that in a most manly fashion, i.e., he was pushing all the buttons that turn on the lights in the rooms and make noises like the crackling fire and telephone. Then he opened up the oven, which lights up the oven and burners. And he points to the box in which all the "action figures" and accessories are stored and says, "Get out mommy."

So I digs through the box and find one of the mommies and hand it to him. Then he takes the mommy, stands her in front of the oven, and says, "I want cheeseburger. Cook me cheeseburger."

I swear, I'm not making this up.

Then he points to the box and says, "Get daddy." So I rummage around some more, and I come up with the other mommy.

I say, "I found the other mommy. Hmm... Which one should cook?"

He looks at them and decides the red-haired one should cook. I ask, "What should the other mommy do?"

He says, "Sleep." So I get out one of the beds and set it up in the dollhouse bedroom and put the mommy in it.

I find the daddy. I ask, "What should the daddy do?"

"Eat cheeseburger."

Then he says, "Go to bed with mommy," and he puts him to bed with the blonde mommy.

I get out the other bed and say, "This mommy is tired and wants to go to bed, too." I put her in the bed in the other bedroom. I start rummaging for the other daddy.

MaxieC looks at the situation and says, "No. This mommy wants to be in bed with the daddy, too," and he moves her into the first bed with the other mommy and the daddy.

I ask, "Should I find the other daddy?"

"No. She's happy."


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