Sunday, March 04, 2007

Be careful what you wish for

There's always someone waiting to stick it to you. Much like Mr. Roarke, who always fulfilled only the letter of the law on the various fantasies of his guests, and somehow people found this to be just what they needed.

Well, The Mrs. Mr. Roarked me this morning. See, it was my turn to sleep in. But yesterday I made two tragic mistakes:
  1. I complained that I'd never be allocated time to seal the grout in the newly re-reconstructed shower.
  2. I told The Mrs. that rather than fritter the entire morning away with a sleeping in late and then having a big breakfast 2 hours later routine, we should get up early, have a normal breakfast, and do something useful.
Big mistake when it's my turn to sleep in. She got me up at what she claims was "more or less almost 8:00". I'm lying there, enjoying my precious few moments of MaxieC-less bed (he normally shows up around 2am, and he kicks and claws us until he has the vast majority of the bed to himself so he can sleep perpendicular between us), and The Mrs. pitter-patters in. She brushes my hair all sweetly and says, "Didn't you say you wanted to get up early to do get some work done?"

Mother F^@ker! I'm trying to sleep here.

But I did say that, dammit all to hell.

I got up. I accomplished the following today as a result of this:
  • I sealed the grout in the master shower. Two coats.
  • I hung the new bicycle winches up on the garage ceiling.
  • I cleaned the filter on two of the three ponds (the third pond has sprung a leak and no longer holds water - a job for the spring).
  • I skimmed seaweed out of the koi pond.
  • I inflated seven of The Childrens' toy balls.
  • I vacuumed the first floor of the house.
  • I "steam cleaned" the tile in the entrance-way, kitchen, and hallway.
  • I took MaxieC for a bike trailer ride to the park (along with the rest of the fambly and the fambly from across the street).
All in all, not a bad day for accomplishments.

I could have used another hour of sleep, though.

This post was inspired by Ketel One Bloody Marys. No Marys were harmed during the writing of this post.


wife said...

Don't forget about finishing putting away the Xmas lights and the spot we cleared in the garage!

manly lesbian said...

Good Yob

Rhonda said...

Very productive!
def. a day to pat yourself on the back!

do you have koi in the pond in the winter?

JohnnyB said...

seaweed? you're koi pond is big enough to have seaweed?

Any islands? Or are there so many they're more of an atoll than just islands.


CherkyB said...

It is algae that grows in hair-like strands that get to be up to two feet long. It reminds me of Lake Erie.

It may technically not be seaweed because it is fresh water.

CherkyB said...

The Koi do spent the winter in the pond. I have a 1500W pond heater that keeps the water flowing through the pumps, and the pond is deep enough never to be in danger of freezing. Koi, being carp, simply go dormant when it get really cold. They don't even eat.

As far as I can tell, I have only two koi left. There were four when I moved in, but I think a heron ate two of them in the fall. That is a problem around here. Most people put netting over their ponds, but the previous owner removed the netting (along with most of his koi) when he moved. I never put new netting up.