Saturday, March 24, 2007

I should have learned by now

Yesterday, I spend half the evening writing up a big long post, and then I realize that buried in that post is an algebra word problem. So I toss out a little post with the algebra problem. And that post gets 8 comments, whereas the one that I spent all my time on gets zero.

I've noticed a pattern in the past where if I put up more than one post on the same day, a lot of people don't read the first one. They just read whatever post is at the top of the page when they load it up and never bother to see if the second post is one they've seen before.

I know this because I have discussed it with various readers over the year. But I keep hoping.

Maybe that first post just sucked ass. And yet, we manage to get six comments on a post about a guy who says "f$@&ing" a lot. How many of you missed "I'm Baaaaaaack"?

Did you not notice the "I'm Baaaaaaack" post?
Yes, I missed it. I am an idiot.
No, I saw it and it sucked ass.
No, I saw it and was not moved to comment.
You were away?
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Rhonda said...

so if I took the poll do I need to comment?

CherkyB said...

No. You should probably clear your cookies, though.

Rhonda said...

girl scout or keebler?