Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Mrs., Straight Guy

I was just discussing with The Mrs. the algebra problem, and how surprised I was that Bozzetto didn't figure out from where it came, which was the opening of my post not long ago. She said she almost had figured out from where it came, but didn't understand how WoodyWoody's weight figured in. Then I said I was starting to get really worried if neither she nor Bozzetto could figure out from where it came.
Me, CherkyB: "But, I'm pretty sure Cavitation figured out from where it came, what with his big brain and all."

The Mrs.: "What was up with his solution? It was so inelegant. And the first two steps were useless. It's just a simple substitution. Stick it in and plug and chug."

Me, CherkyB: "Yeah. It's like my honeymoon all over."


CherkyB said...

The Mrs. is a musician, but she also has a degree in geology for which she took a lot of math classes. The Mrs. is really a math critic.

As for word verification, I turned it on in response to getting advertisements spammed in my comments. People write little spambots that go out and look for blogs who do not have word verification turned on and then post advertisement in the comments when they find one. Once you get hit, they keep coming back.

You wait.

manly lesbian said...

Yeah - she is a rock musician - get it? Rock musician - Geology - Rock - hehehe. Oh I am sooo clever. puhxj (translation- if you have over 80 sheep in yer house and live in North Carolina- can you be arrested for bigamy?)

Nava said...

Same can be said for art - there is so much mathematics in art and composition and color theory.. The golden mean is just one example.

80 sheep in NC is polygamy, big time!
but in more liberal countries, such as New Zealand, so I hear, it's a commune.

And I mean it.

Rob said...

You see, my wife taught me to do a little dancing around before sticking it in and plugging/chugging...I guess that just makes me inefficient.