Monday, June 18, 2007

Poor Ellie

She's been blogging away for weeks now at the newly resurrected Ellie323 blog, but hardly anyone leaves her comments. She's beginning to think her life is too boring to attract an audience. I can't imagine how that could be the case. Not because there's anything remotely exciting about Ellie's life, mind you, but because if having an exciting life were a criterion for having a blog audience, then there wouldn't be any blogs.

If my life were exciting, I sure as hell wouldn't spend half my night writing about it. Where would I get the time?

Now the real irony of the Ellie blog is that Ellie is a freelance web designer in her spare time. You say to yourself, "Self, hmmm...I bet that means her blog's layout is quite interesting." But, oddly, for a freelance web designer, installing AdSense is too complicated. Heck, installing statcounter is too complicated. It's all very strange. Head on over there and have a look-see. I'd make her Blog of the Week, but lately, those have all ended badly.

This past Thursday was one of the best Fat Camps ever. I'll have to tell you about it sometime. I learned that there was a drink called "Chicks Dig It", and it's surprisingly popular given what a horrible a concoction it looks like. It even comes with a gummy worm on the fruit spear.

Over at Cavitation's, he's noting how Hooter's is even better in Costa Rica than here. Oddly, he seems to think this was because he took his childrens there. I'm betting it's cuz it was in Costa Rica. But as an experiment, Bozzetto and I will grab our sons on Friday and see if the Hooter's experience improves. We'll have to think up some bizarre excuses to grab the boys for lunch. Something like, "We're going to the RV show."

The Mrs. is still operating under the delusion that we go to Hooter's every Friday. She manages to get angry about it every time we drive by. But the food is so bad, even I can't manage to go there more than once a month. It is, however, cheaper than Johnny Carino's, now that Carino's has increased their prices by about 1/3 in order to offset the effects of double-punch Tuesday.

We got the second bid for the deck today. It's a bit lower than the first bid, but not anywhere near as much as I had hoped. We're doomed. I won't be getting that fancy new turbo-diesel pickup any time soon.

But my contractors will be.


ellie said...

I got three comments after your post! I did install ad sense, I just haven't had anyone take the bite. At least I think that's what's going on. I never tried to put up the stats thing. I don't know how exciting it would be to see the number "4" or countries, "USA", on my blog.

CherkyB said...

You must have installed AdSense improperly. I'm looking at your source code, and I don't see any of the adsense tags (most of which start with "google_ad"). Did you click "publish my template" after editing the template?

Rob said...

I was looking for some ads to click and couldn't find any...

ellie said...

probably not. i'll check it out this weekend.

ellie said...

calling me lazy is one thing. challenging my competence is another. hence, i did not wait until the weekend to set up adsense. ok, i admit i never did actually hit the save changes button.


Rhonda said...

blog of the week...ended badly?
how would that be?
I missed something really juicy eh?!

Rhonda said...

so, what did I miss?

blogauthor said...

Whazzup with blog of the week? I am gone from your list on the side, maybe I inadvertantly pissed you off? Didn't mean to. Or maybe I have overestimated my importance in your blog. :)

I'm catching up on your blog, I've been sooooo busy at work lately I've barely had time to write in my own blog.

I'm enjoying the laughs, I could use them!