Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh, what now?

Today, I pulled into the driveway at around 7:00 after work, and I saw the corner of my front porch roped off with yellow tape. My heart skipped a beat.

What is it now? Something so bad that The Mrs. didn't call me on my cell phone 30 times to consult me about it, but saved it as a surprise for when I got home all worn out from the day, like she does with every serious issue (eg., "Oh, by the way, there's no hot water."). Something so bad that she's already had someone out who has looked at it and decided it warrants caution tape.

It can only be one thing, I figure: the stone facade is falling off the archway over the porch. Oh good god, how many thousands of dollars is this going to cost? I bet they've "discovered" that the original builder f'd up the stonework as badly as he messed up the shower and the drywall and the HVAC system, and the entire front of the house has to come off and be redone or we'll risk a stone dropping off onto the little skull of one of our darling little childrens.


I park in the garage, take a deep breath, and go to investigate. What is this? This isn't "caution" tape. This tape says, "Crime Scene - Do Not Cross".

Oh, thank god.

Ya see, HannahC had science camp at the Discovery Museum this morning, and this week's topic was "CSI: Fort TomCollins". They had a real crime scene investigator from the police department come in to teach them all about crime scene investigation.

I'm telling you, my kids have more fun in one week than I ever had in a year as a child.

I later learned that HannahC had set up a crime scene on the front porch for us to solve. It even had a chalk outline of a bunny.

On a lighter note, someone who's IP address is mysteriously labeled "Rhonda" in my statcounter has been going through the archives like crazy. I have 41 hits just today. Probably searching for who the current blog-of-the-week is. But she won't find it, as I eliminated the blog-of-the-week title a couple months back for reasons that will remain permanently unspecified - so don't bother asking, but it doesn't involve you. Either that or her google reader is telling her everything is new - a common problem with setting up an RSS feed for the first time.

Also, idiosyncratically, I'm getting a lot of hits from the State University of New York at Barfalo. I graduated from there way back in 1990. Now, someone is hitting my blog from at least three different department networks, two of whom are coming as referrals off Ellie323, but the third guy seems to always have to google "cherkyb" to find it. Very, very strange given I don't know anyone back at my old alma mater.


ellie said...

It may be me. Sometimes I google you when I'm waiting for D__ to wrap something up in the lab. Sorry you are not more famous.

Rhonda said...

I was looking cuz you didn't answer me question.
I realized you destroyed the evidence.
My conclusion was it musta got really bad or really weird.
Both are cause for quick removal.
But I think I remember vaguely some "comments"...
oh enough said,
it was still fun going down memory lane in your old schtuff.
Your kids have grown, winters come and gone.........

Anonymous said...

Well, you didn't finish the story. Did anybody solve the crime? Have they found the cause of rabbit death? Do they have a suspect? Don't leave us hanging. vmhstnb

Anonymous said...

I clicked on one of yer ads and it was to blog abroad. Wouldn't the Mrs. get mad if you started blogging a broad?

Anonymous said...

He can blog her as long as she comes over to cook and clean for us.

ellie said...

where are you?

CherkyB said...

I'm working my fingers to the bone both at work and at home. Looks for a photoblog tonight.