Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm in a funk

You know why? I don't know why. I think it's a combination of things, but the straw that broke the camel's back may have been the realization that Bozzetto knows more about fishing than I do. I know it may seem like a small thing, but I'm not happy that there is any topic whatsoever in the world of manliness where Bozzetto outshines me. It's really rocked my foundation.

I mean, I'm OK that he knows a lot more about online gaming than I do. Or more about digital cameras. Or possibly even more about baseball, since baseball is no longer a manly pursuit now that they've been letting foreigners into the major leagues.

I'm not sure he knows more about baseball than I do, mind you. He certainly could, as it would be hard to know much less. It's just that I don't care.

It does, however, bother me that he has more general fishing knowledge than I do. And almost all of it from google, as Rico, good friend that he is, pointed out when I mentioned this today. That means that in a day, day-and-a-half, I could be caught up. Except that I have to keep up two blogs in order to keep the ad revenue rolling in (Nava is on vacation, so as usual my revenue has plummeted - I'm averaging slightly under one click per post (thank you Rhonda), which means once again both my and The Mrs.'s famblies have forgotten how to click ads, again, as usual). Bozzetto has the luxury of almost never updating his blog, as he lost his AdSense account because of self-abuse (that sounds dirty) a year ago, and no one other than his wife and I read it anymore.

But, hey, "[my] writings are why the internet exists."

I'm thinking of writing a tractor review now, since in the summer I'm getting a lot more google hits to the tractor than to the snowblower.

I'm a real humanitarian.


CJ said...

everything I know about bass/trout fishing or fancy lures come from googling -- so i'm sure you'll feel more manly in a boring meeting or two.

Now... catching a fish (what really matters with fishing) with a jighead lure might take a little more time.

At least you have caught a large smallmouth's cousin carp! The only large fish i had caught before was a catfish.

ellie said...

i find this strange. when did you start caring about fishing so much?

CherkyB said...

Since I discovered that it was something the whole family enjoyed that didn't cost very much.