Thursday, June 14, 2007


Last night, right before she wen to bed, HannahC came hustling out:
HannahC: "Daddy! Daddy! I just saw a moth in my room!"

Me, CherkyB: "Yeah, this is because you never close the door when you go outside, so the moths come in."

HannahC: "But I'm worried about the moth in my room."

Me, CherkyB: "Don't worry. Moths don't bite."

HannahC: "No! I'm worried that it will eat my clothes!"

Me, CherkyB: "Oh. Uh. It's only moth larvae that eat clothes, not moths. And mostly they eat wool. You don't have any wool in your closet."

HannahC: "OK."
Later, she was up in bed, and I was lying at the bottom of it keeping her company while she settled in for the night. I got bored lying there in the dark, so I started playing Yahtzee on my cellphone. Shortly thereafter, a big, giant moth landed on my hand, attracted to the cellphone backlight. I shook my hand. It flew off my hand then landed on the phone.

I figured that if I closed the phone, it would be completely dark in the room, and the moth would be attracted to the light in the hallway, and then I could go out there and kill it. So I holstered my phone and went out there. I waited and waited. No moth.

Oh well. I had left HannahC's door open a bit, as she doesn't like to sleep with the door closed. Plus, FreddyC was in there, and he barks if the door is closed and he wants to leave. That, of course, wakes up sleeping childrens. I figured with the door open, eventually the moth would find its way out to the light.

Flash forward to today at 10am. I just opened my cellphone for the first time since last night.

There was a big, giant moth squished in it.



Anonymous said...

The outcome was not unpredictable.

ellie said...

want to come to my office? i have a few bees you could talk to!

Anonymous said...

Don't kill the bees!

Rhonda said...

oh gross!

Anonymous said...

Hysterically funny!

ellie said...

why no kill bees?

Anonymous said...

blogauthor said...

During Offpsring's surgery yesterday and hanging about the hopsital last night, I became addicted to Bubblet on my cellphone.