Monday, June 04, 2007

You can blog about anything

Here. I'll show you.

My left front tire on my lawn tractor has a leak. It's really hard to tell, though, as fully inflated is only 8 psi. I think I'm going to have to pump it full of a can of tire schmutz, but I wonder if I can keep from skyrocketing to 30 psi when I do so. Oh, the things we worry about!

I opened our Val-Pac coupon mailer today, and I found coupons for the liquor store up towards the highway. The one with the good wine selection. There were two coupons - one for 10% off whatever, and one for 15% off your purchase of $30 or more. I thought to myself, "Self, have you ever been to a liquor store and not spent $30?" I'll have to head up there soon, as The Mrs. has almost completely drunk us out of Disaronno, and I'm down to my last couple sips of Fonseca.

Rico today noted how he can't drink margaritas, even though he loves them, as they are "a chick drink." Oddly, MoodyT was in the car when this transpired and did not berate Rico for such narrow-minded thinking. Instead, he focused on how to get Me, CherkyB to go to Rio's to drink margaritas to "expand my horizons". Now, I have nothing against margaritas per se. It's just that Rio's is a meat market for cougars, is very crowded, has sticky tables if you can even find someplace to sit down, long lines at the bar to get a drink, last call at 9:50pm, and the margaritas are very pricey. And Lucky Joe's has $2.50 drafts and free peanuts.

MoodyT hasn't gotten over when his new best friend, The Merman, and his buddy The Hamburgler decided during Fat Camp to go hit Rio's for last call to try to pick up cougar stragglers, and I refused to go for the above reasons, and MoodyT said, "Really? Even if we all went to Rio's, you'd go to Lucky Joe's and drink by yourself?"


"And you don't think you have a problem?"

Well, if I have a problem, it's that a good portion of my friends and I are largely incompatible due to me wanting to go someplace with cheap drinks, free peanuts, and live music, and them wanting to go ogle (but not pick up) women a good 10 years older than I while drinking blended, frozen fruit drinks. So, we headed out and parted company at the corner, with four heading to Rio's and Me, CherkyB plus The Ice Man heading to Joe's.

There was a drunken bachelorette party at Joe's. They had penis-shaped drink stirrers which a few of them were visibly uncomfortable using, which I found pretty amusing. Joe's is a great place for people-watching cuz it skews pretty low in the demographics (i.e., people who can't afford expensive drinks or to pay for their peanuts). MoodyT came slinking about a half hour later sans his three new best friends. We let him sit with us, since that's the kind of people we are. None of them had any success over there, despite there being some pretty desperate-looking older womens (they showed up at Joe's after last call at Rio's - slightly before MoodyT).

The Childrens went to the dentist today. The dentist is a big fisherman. He has lots of pictures of himself holding up big fish, and the one time I was there, he told me about how much he loves to fish. So HannahC told him the story of the non-bass carp. According to The Mrs., the dentist said, "It couldn't have been a carp. I must have been a bass. There aren't any carp in that pond. They poisoned all the carp and stocked it with bass and bluegill 20 years ago to turn it into a fishing destination."

He also said that carp was good eating. So, I guess we established that our dentist has no idea what in the hell he's talking about. But The Children's teeth look clean.

Speaking of fishing, once again CherkyB is a trend setter. Last weekend was license-free fishing weekend in Colorado (the first full weekend of every June), and Bozzetto showed up out there at my usual fishing hole with his whole fambly not long after I caught the carp. He brought two rods despite the fact that his oldest is younger than MaxieC and thus way too young to actually handle his own rod (MaxieC is marginal at best), and he didn't bring any worms. Yes, Bozzetto is a purist - a lure fisherman. Worms are for amateurs.

So he fished for a while while his poor, long-suffering wife watched the children. Eventually, the fambly headed back to their minivan, but Bozzetto stayed out there fishing. As the Cherky Fambly was heading back to the truck after a wonderful day of catching stuff, we could hear Bozzetto's oldest hollering "Daddy!" across the pond. But Bozzetto kept on fishing. As I loaded up my fambly and gear into the truck, I could see Bozzetto's fambly sitting in their minivan in the parking lot, and I remembered how they didn't get the DVD player option. And Bozzetto kept fishing.

Man, that takes a lot bigger balls than I have to let your wife and two small children sit and wait in the parking lot on a Saturday morning while you fish. Very, very big balls. Or maybe a fabulous amount of cluelessness, which would actually be well within character for Bozzetto.

I asked him about this today, and he said, "They don't mind."

So I'm going with cluelessness.

Bozzetto, in addition to not catching anything, did manage to lose his one and only lure in the branches on the bottom of the pond. Make fun of my bobber if you will, Cavitation, but I ain't losing $6 lures every day in the underwater weeds and branches.

Bozzetto has now selected a new reel and line to purchase. For the reel, he has chosen, "The same one you have, only in all aluminum," and for the line, it is, "the same kind you have, only in the super-thin." Wonderful.

MoodyT overheard all this discussion at lunch, and now he wants to go fishing, too. See, everybody always thought fishing involved long drives to the reservoirs or the lakes way up north. But it's right here in town. Is fishing the next Fat Camp?


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No beer allowed at Riverbend.

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your ads on CheryB Weather or Not are much cooler than the ones on Me CherkyB.