Wednesday, May 07, 2008


As has been reported elsewhere, we managed to arrive at the old homestead in Barfalo right on time Monday. We had a great visit with my brother and family (including lots of little boy cousins for MaxieC to play with) along the way.

Oddly, none of the motels in which we have stayed have included free in-room internet. The first night, we had wifi in the lobby only, but our room was just two from the lobby, so I got a weak but usable signal in the room and could post an update. The next two had no indication of having wifi anywhere, and honestly we were just too tired to check.

Today was a day of tourism. Meaning we went to Niagara Falls. We managed to do something that neither The Mrs. nor I had ever done in our 18+ years of living in the area - ride the Maid of the Mist boat. My recollection as a child was of asking many times if we could ride the Maid of the Mist and always being told it was too dangerous. However, both my parents denied that today but could provide absolutely no explanation as to why we never went despite going to the falls probably 20 times.

It shall forever remain a mystery.

I have lots of great pictures, but the camera is out in the winivan, and I don't fell like walking out there. Not for the likes of you folks, at least.

Yesterday was a day of slave-driving. I rakes and reseeded a lawn; replaced a showerhead; changed the oil, sparkplug, and air filter of a lawnmower; mowed a lawn; re-installed vinyl lattice fencing that had blown over in the wind; replaced the fluorescent bulbs in the kitchen fixtures; and (mostly) stopped a leaking garden hose coupling. And nobody even fed me lunch.


Manly Lesbian said...

No lunch - but I let you keep your beers in my refrigerator. Thanks for dinner. That was a lot of work you did- don't forget that the Mrs. cleaned up all the flowerbeds, weeded, did the spring cleanup around all the bushes, trimmed all the grass around the fenced perimeter of the yard, and entertained Manly Lesbian.

RIO said...

I approve slave-driving the Cherks. Keeps him healthy in his sunset years. Next: locking him in a room with an old Simon-Sez toy and telling him that sulphur clouds full of monkeys will eat his power tools if he doesn't win.

At least that's what I do with my famblies.