Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heading for home

We've completed the first day of the three day journey home without incident. The weather has been quite cooperative - clear and sunny the whole way. There was a big band of thunderstorms over the Iowa/Illinois border when we left, and it managed to get to our hotel in Portage, Indiana about an hour after we did. It rained all night, but stopped by this morning. Now there appears to be no weather between here and Omaha.

The Mrs. has declared the free coffee at the hotel breakfast bar "undrinkable" and instructed me to find a Starbucks. It just so happens there is a drive-through Starbucks a couple blocks from here that I passed last night on my way to pick up the pizza.

I don't know if we'll hit a Cabela's today or tomorrow. It's in the plan, though. Possibly a Bass Pro as well. Never been to either, though most of my hunting clothes came from Cabela's mail order.

Gotta pack now. Later.

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