Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some Vacation Photos

I gots millions of them, but none of you really care. So here are the ones that I have chosen you will care about from the first few days.

Here is the van all packed up and ready to go (except for the eggs). See how happy The Mrs. looks? She doesn't realize we're going to be driving through a blizzard two hours from now.

The Childrens look happy, too. Suckers. JackieC is in the cage behind MaxieC. FreddyC is on the floor between The Childrens.

Visiting with the clan in Richfield. Richfield gets a Cabela's. I'm kinda jealous. My bro, DougyC, took all the cousins for a tractor ride. Well, this was the first of many.

Fun and games are now over. We're at Fat Moother's house where The Mrs. promised I could put on a show of the CherkyB talent for yardwork. If you need Me, CherkyB to fix up your yard, I am apparently available for hire. And I largely work just for beer.

Moother had her yard re-sodded a year or two ago. Then it largely died. Here is after I have spent hours of backbreaking manual labor raking out all the dead grass to prepare for re-seeding. See all the big piles of dead grass on the sidewalk? Three garbage bags full.

I bought a hydroseed mix, except that it was dry. It has perennial rye, Kentucky blue, and creeping fescue seeds, plus it has "mulch" (which turns out to be shredded magazines), and some bluish fertilizer soaked into the mulch. It said it covered 100 sq ft per bag, but it didn't quite. I'm going to have to go add more some time. This photo is taken after about two bags of it.

After seeding, I got to water. It has rained some every day since this, so this is the only time it needed watering. The weather in Barfalo is iffy at best. Mostly, it sucks.

You'll have to wait for Niagara Falls photos.


blogauthor said...

It is the perspective of the hose one that has me laughing ... I'm just imagining you out there spraying with the hose in one hand and photographing it with the other.

Awesome tractor dude .... I'm jealous, that looks really fun. I should show that to my brother, the one in NH that you would like - he'd like one-a-those and then Offspring could ride it next time he is in god forsaken frozen New Hampshire.

So is Ellie your SIL? I can't figure this all out.

ellie said...

I'm the SIL, daughter of Granny

Markie Post said...

I'm the homicidal, double amputee, still in the closet, son of Jesus. Want to come over and watch the tee-vee? I have season two of Night Court on tape. Oh, that Bull is so funny.

RIO said...

The Childrens wanted tractor rides so they could plot your demise in peace. I'm sorry - that's just how it goes.

Also. The blizzard is Canada's fault. They broke our weather. Next stop: Assimilation.