Monday, April 03, 2006

Almost done

These first two show what the compooter room looks like right now in the "almost done" phase. Note how the guitar stand is still crammed off in a corner and there are still piles of stuff here and there, but overall a great improvement.

HannieC is such a camera hog. She said to me, "Whenever you take a picture, I always try to be in it." She made it in both of these, despite it being well past her bedtime. Yes, that's right. I'm a Bad Parent. I let my daughter sneak out of bed to jump into pictures, and then I don't even punish her for it.

She'll probably grow up to be a Democrat. I'll blame The Mrs. if that happens.

We've just about filled up our recycling bin for this week. That's no small feat, as it is an 80 gallon bin. We may have to wait until Friday to finish everything.

This last picture is one that HannieC took. (She loves to star in the pictures, but she's always really wanted to direct.) It's me showing how the Zircon StudSensor(TM) that I have is kinda junky. Not only can it not find studs in exterior walls (I think it gets confused by the stucco), but it finds studs where none really exist. It is, for instance, beeping like crazy right here in this picture. Luckily, these cabinets all went on interior walls, so it found the studs pretty well. Living in San Schmose, you have to screw all you cabinets to the wall so they don't fall over when the Big One comes. You know, unless the wall falls over.

That cabinet to the left side of the picture is the infamous cabinet number three. We're saving space in the glass portion to display our bowling trophies.

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I can't believe somebody would give up those bookcases- nice.
The secret word is jgegl.