Monday, April 10, 2006

Appliance Tips

Today, The Mrs. assigned me a task. She called it "an easy one." That usually spells trouble. She wanted me to put away the towels that were in the dryer. A wonderful, front-loading Whirlpool dryer circa 1999. Still runs like the day it was new.

Sounds easy enough, you say. How could CherkyB mess up such an easy task?

Well, I couldn't.

I go out to the garage, open up the dryer, and see pretty much nothing but sheets. Sure, there are a couple towels in there, put the majority is sheets. I can't pass up an opportunity like this, so I go right back in the house and say to The Mrs., "Those aren't towels. They're sheets," and I proceed to not put them away.

"OK, maybe there are some sheets in there, too. But put them away."

I didn't think it would work, but I figured I'd throw it out there just to raise up the annoyance factor. It was just PMS weekend, after all, and it's payback time.

I go back out there, and I notice that the dryer is really packed. Really, really packed. And everything is bundled up in a ball in the sheets. As I am taking this stuff into the dinette to fold, I am thinking to my self:
Self, the difference between Man and Woman is that Man understands the limitations of machines. Man understands that dryer work much better if there is some room for air. Man understands that washer work much better if there is room for water. Woman only understands not to mix colors.
I separated out the dry from the undry, and I ran the undry through again. Much the same as I separate the clean form the unclean and run the unclean through again each morning when I unload the dishwasher. The dishwasher works fine if you leave room for water to be able to touch each thing you put in it. Somehow, when you pile everything in on top of each other, it doesn't do so well.

Just for the record, I have never complained about The Mrs. not cooking on this blog. I mentioned to her last night, perhaps a bit emphatically, that I wish she had never set foot into Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's, for those of you lucky enough to not have ever experienced one, is not a grocery store. It's an odd little place that kinda looks like a 5-aisle grocery store that carries bizarre food. Their specialty is bagged food. They make all kinds of concotions, and then bag them. Like marinated flank steak in a bag, Chinese food in a bag, vegetables and tofu in a bag. That kinda stuff. These foods have generally three things in common:
  1. They are cheap.
  2. They are easy to prepare.
  3. They are barely, just barely, edible.
The Mrs. stops paying attention after 2. Maybe it's because we never finish a meal without having to chase one or two of the childrens around the house. Maybe not.

Max dumped my Togo's meatball bomber on the floor today. It's a good thing we own a Hoover carpet steamer.

Anyways, it's well past my bedtime.

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pistachio nuts from trader joes - delicious. wish we had a trader joes here. hfcvlbfa