Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hannie "Dead Eye" C

The Mrs. is out, so naturally, HannieC and I decided to head to the garage for some good, clean, all-American fun. Shooting the pellet gun, of course. Shhhh. Don't tell The Mrs.

Here is the result of today's practice. These were all shot with HannieC doing all the aiming. I just held the front stock for her like I was a bench sandbag, since she can hardly lift the thing.

She has a nice little 3-shot grouping at 11:00 in the outer black ring. There were a lot of fliers that nearly missed the trap. But, she's very new to this, and she's getting better with each practice.

On a tragic note, CJ's Blah has passed me in ad revenue already, primarily because his family loves him more than mine loves me. Or, perhaps it's because he blogs about things like new cars and weber grills for which there are many high-paying context sensitive ads, but only if you click on the actual article link at the end of the article (which is the time it was posted). Seems these days everyone's front page is getting nothing but hurricane relief ads for which no money is paid for a click.

I think it's the love thing.

But not to worry. If I needed to feel love, I wouldn't be married! Ohhhh! Ooooohhhhh!!

I miss Sam Kinison. He was the master of marriage jokes.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah dog - your ads are boring. Can't you get ads for - I dunno - absinthe?

My verification word, for moother who is keeping score, is oltfrj. Which sounds like a Scandanavian village..