Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Fallout Continues

Once again, my editor is complaining about the quality of my work. In yesterday's discussion of FreddyC's medical condition, I included the following line:

I don't complain, as The Dogs needs attention about once a week vs. 3-4 times for The Childrens.
The Mrs. correctly pointed out that I left a couple words out of that sentence. The sentence should have read:
I don't complain, as The Dogs needs attention about once a week vs. 3-4 times a night for The Childrens.
I'm sorry for any confusion. I always proof read, but never very well. Especially if my friend Jack has been sitting up with me while I write late into the night.

While we are on the subject of previous posts, in both yesterday's main post, as well as the one from the night before, I made mention of The Mrs.'s conjecture that Sweetie was probably quite angry that StinkyJ broke his leg while she was still recovering from the birth of their twins. Now, due to the symbiotic nature of the blogosphere, another Blogger picked up on that story and decided to do some additional research. In the spirit that anything worth doing is probably still worth doing half-assedly, he did not publish the results. Instead, he communicated them to me in an IM.

I then communicated the results to The Mrs., and, like the Grand Inquisitor that she is, she left me with a long list of followup questions. So, I tried to nab StinkyJ in between Vicodin doses to get some of the answers that you, the people, have been demanding.

CherkyB [9:48 PM]:
1) It has been reported by the author of CJ's Blah that your wife was actually sad that you broke your leg. Is this true?
StinkyJ [9:49 PM]:

CherkyB [9:49 PM]:
2) Was she sad for you, or sad for herself?
StinkyJ [9:49 PM]:

There you have it. No anger. Just sadness. StinkyJ went on to discuss how his wife is capable of both feeling and expressing anger, so the fact that she did not in this case is not an indication of a larger probelm but can be relied upon an an indication that she did not feel anger that he broke his leg playing a game while she stayed home slaving away with The Babies.

Now, enough about others. Time to discuss me. I scored an incredible personal victory at work today. In less than 26 hours, I conceived of, fleshed out, and orchestrated a major change of direction for something despite withering opposition. Now, I get to spend the next 2 days figuring out if it was right, or if I just killed a whole product by accident. I'm hoping for the former.

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