Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday. Day of Rest.

Rest of the stuff that didn't get done on Saturday.

It started out like any other Sunday, with me waking up and not being able to move my legs. Normally, this would mean that the dog, FreddyC, was sleeping on my legs. He responds well to a light kick. Today, no response to the light kick. No response to the more forceful kick. No response to jiggling of the legs.

It was the boy, not the dog. So I carefully pick up MaxieC to move him up to the head end of the bed, and of course he decides to wake up, and he's up for good. I should have let him sleep, but I really needed to move my legs.

Oh well. Another joyous day off to too early a start.

Today is a day chock full of everything but fun, or accomplishment, or rest. We spend 2.5 hrs at a birthday party for HannieC's twin friends, C&S. It was at a place called "Pump it Up" where they had giant bounce houses and balloon slides. Two rooms with three giant baloon things apiece. You spent about 45 minutes in the first room, then moved to the second, and then finally into the "party" room for pizza and cake. The whole thing was pipelined so that another party moved into each room as you moved on. It was actually fun, but MaxieC was afraid to go in anything. So I spent most of the time with him clinging to me. Whatever.

When we got home, The Mrs. decided that Today was The Day that MaxieC would go for his first ride in the bike trailer. That would mean wearing his helmet, a task never before accomplished. Well, today he wore his helmet!

For about 30 seconds of continuous screaming and tantrum.

Then he went inside and took a nap, since he had gotten up too early. I got roped into taking HannieC for a trailer ride, since we loaded her up along with MaxieC. I decided to figure out what waypoint 017 was on my handlebar-mounted GPS. It was 2.1 miles E-NE of the house, but I didn't know what it was. I fiugred it must be some park we went to once.

I was right. It was the park that had the slide made out of rollers. We didn't stop. It's not that fun a park, and it is always packed on the weekends. We stopped at a different park on the way back, and then hustled home to beat the rain.

Didn't make it.

This afternoon, we'll be babysitting three wonderful, screaming little children because it is their father's birthday. I'm not sure why, but for some reason their mother thought it would be nice to ditch the kids and go out with the dad on his birthday. I know it sounds bizarre. Normally, you'd expect dad would want to do something really fun with the kids, like take them to Chuck E. Cheese's or Bamboola on his birthday. Some place where there are a million other little kids just screaming their little hearts out with joy, reminding him what true joy in life really is. But, apparently, his wife is mad at him or something this year, and he can't spend his whole birthday with his childrens.

Instead, I have to.

For those of you keeping track, I still have not gotten to open my new compound miter saw. Here it sits in its box at the front door, where it has been since delivery four days ago.

Gotta go. The Mrs. is giving me the evil eye about not helping pick up before all the childrens arrive.


ellie said...

That's not true about Maxie C. When Aunt D. was visiting last summer, we did succeed in putting the helmet on Max and he did ride in the bike trailer. He did, however, howl the whole time in fear and we did end up back home in about two minutes!


Why would the Mrs want to clean the house BEFORE all the chillens arrive? What a colossol waste of time. Fat Moother went to the Lesbian store (Homo Depot) and bought vinyl lattice panels for the fence in the back. Hope to have time to put it up before the snow flies again. Bought nylon fasteners to fasten it to the existing fence. That is all ...dabkvj

CherkyB said...

Hmmmm...I'm just quoting The Mrs. Your quarrel is with her.

wife said...

Because the one room had no floor to speak of, and Daniel is a baby. Can't have a baby over in that huge a mess. Also, you bitch that I don't cook. If I had a space in the kitchen, maybe I could cook you something that you like instead of cooking what the rest of us like. And if you didn't spend 3 hours a day tallying up the $.30 you made on your ads (never mind the time spent writing about and providing your readers with a photo essay about the time you don't have), you might have time to unpack your saw. Duh.

Wife said...

Max went down the slide a bunch of times!

CherkyB said...

Well well well. I am speechless.