Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh, The Anticipation

The Mrs.'s mother, AKA GrannyMooMoo, AKA Fat Moother, is on the final flight of her journey to Fort TomCollins to visit for Christmas. She was supposed to arrive yesterday, but apparently the entire country (except us) got a blizzard yesterday that shut down pretty much all air travel in the Northeast.

The Mrs. has already begun to get anxious, so The Childrens and I are hiding in the basement.

So far, nobody has barfed.


Anonymous said...

A day without barf- unheard of during a visit from Granny MooMoo- however there are 5 days to go so there is plenty of time for barfing.

ellie said...

It's miracle!

paula said...

Hope the Mrs. Mother made it safe and she hasnt barfed

Anonymous said...

I think it's a fleshy growth that people in third world countries harvest to make soup stock.

Not to be confused with peribles, however.

Anonymous said...

Well it is now Christmas Eve and still nobody has barfed. This can not be allowed to happen. Will sombody PLEASE barf so we can get the suspense over with. (Do not end a sentence with a proposition, unless you are porpositioning me.)

The childrens are all down in the basement playing. CherkyB said a naughty word, so he was banned to naughty corner for a while. Not wanting him to get dehydrated during his punishment, he was allowed to take his beerz with him.

Just patiently waiting until the time that the childrens will be all nestled and snug in their beds while visions of millions of toys dance in their heads.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.