Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh My Goodness

It's freezing here. It has gotten me very worried about the global cooling period we have been in for the last roughly 10 years. Will I have to use my beloved snowblower a lot more, thus shortening her life? Will I end up not having to add that second central air conditioner for the top floor? Will beautiful Colorado soon become a godforsaken arctic tundra similar to Wisconsin?

I don't know what to do. But, since that is no reason to stop an activist, I have begun to eat a lot of mixed nuts.

I hear that methane is a greenhouse gas.

I'm trying to start a "movement" of concerned citizens fighting global cooling through the increased production of methane. I've even got a slogan - "Nuts to you!"

Try to keep your teabag and/or Roman Soldier Helmet jokes to yourself. I do the jokes around here. You want to be funny, get your own blog.

On another topic, The Mrs. was apparently offended by my little hypothetical from yesterday, in particular an obscure reference that may have been made to paper towel rolls. I 'splained to her that I was using hyperbole in order to make a humorous point, but she retorted, "You called it 'Hypothetical Me, CherkyB,' not, 'Hyperbolic Me, CherkyB.'"

So there you go, folks. Proof positive that The Mrs. thinks you're all a big bunch of morons.

If I were you, I'd be offended.


Rhonda said...

15 below zero here this morning...I'm thinking global cooling is the new fad just around the corner...

CherkyB said...

Well then, nuts to you!

blogauthor said...

I prefer to be parabolic.