Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not Everyone Can Marry CherkyB

But for the rest of you, there's always this.

I, of course being substantially more advanced in my CherkyBdom, have this one instead.

I would note, however, that after replacing everything that could possibly leak on a toilet, and still having the floor around the toilet wet all the time, it was root caused to being, "the boy is peeing on the outside of the toilet, not into the bowl," and that wasn't covered in the book.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I have largely abandoned my art. It has been almost an entire year since my last Drink Pact. I think I may have even promised Rhonda a new one a few weeks back and forgotten about it.

I have found the my ability to keep up with all the various blogs that I have to write is very stretched at times when my actual "career" work is in crunch mode, so I am trying to concentrate on just this one, as it is both the first of the bunch and the prime money-maker blog. Plus, I haven't had all that much non-specific angre of late.

Tomorrow is the day the vice president of our division at The Company will yell at me again about the lousy job I am doing with that thing that I don't own. There will be quite a number of both technical and managerial layers between the VP and Me, CherkyB who will be present, so I've vowed that this time, I am not going to tell him what I think if he starts to get all up in my face, and I'll let these guys lay down the cover fire.

It is, after all, not my job to throw bombs. Though one could make an argument that it is my job to catch them.

They're wearing me down with their constant begging for 50 more millivolts. I'm ready to give it to them just to shut them up, though today I asked whose decision it actually was, and no one had an answer. Maybe it's mine. Buwaaaahaaahaaahaaaaa!!!!!

Oh, the power, it corrupts. I demanded a cabinet appointment today in exchange for the 50mV. I didn't get one.


Anonymous said...

Hehehehehehe - i own BOTH of those books- along with the Time Life complete Fix-it-yerself manual. Now if I could only figure out what I am reading - sigh...

Unknown said...

Looking forward to your #6 Drink Pact. It really needs to be outstanding and not something mediocre. K?

on another note after reading Blogauthor's post.
I have to say, YOU KNOW YOUR SHIT!

Unknown said...

i had to return quick to check out your adsense.
now i'll head over to your weather blog (the one you've apparently forgotten about)