Saturday, April 01, 2006

What in the...?

The Mrs. is incapable of passing up free stuff. This morning, after she got to sleep in and then take about a 45 minute shower, I finally got to take a shower. The Mrs. apparently checked her email during that time, cuz when I got out, she said.
Does Scandanavian Designs make good furniture? D & S have three bookshelves and a desk on their front porch that they are giving away free to the first people who show up to take them.

Off we go. We decide to take two of the bookshelves. That's all that will fit in the back of the truck, since I still have the cap on it since it still rains nearly every day. D and I load them up and tie them down. He asks where we're going to put them in the house. In a flash of brilliance, I say, "I plan to back The Mrs.' van out of the garage and put them where she parks. That way, if she ever wants to park in the garage again, she'll have to figure out somewhere to put them."

We need two more bookeshelves like a man needs two wives. It seems like a great idea until you get them home and under the same roof for a while.

Upon arrival at home with our new, free bookshelves, I back into the drive and casually ask, "Soooo....where should we put these?"

"I thought you were going to back out the van and put them in the garage."

"Uhh...I was joking about that." I may not be as bad as TommyO, but it's not like I wear the pants in the family.

"Oh. But I think it's a great idea. That way, I'll be forced to figure out some place to put them."

Ah HA! I knew we didn't have anywhere to put them.

Then, after lunch, a funny thing happens. The Mrs. comes downstairs looking all perturbed. No, that's not the funny thing. That's normal. You get used to it after years of marriage. No, she says she needs my help with something, and then leads me upstairs where I see this:

That's right. A big pile of junk in the hallway outside the compooter room. Then I go inside and see this:

If you look in the upper left of both those pictures, you can see my music stand. That's where I'm supposed to practice to be a rock star and regain my position as lead guitarist for Flo Jackson. The next time The Guitarist asks me why I haven't practiced, I'm going to show him what my wife did to my practice space. I mean, really, what in the...?



She learned it from her Moother.
Today's secret word is ygiaeyo

CherkyB said...
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CherkyB said...

It's looking better now. Still not great, but better than it has been since MaxieC was borned.

Rod said...

I have to say that having too many bookshelves is like having too much money... right.


never enough bookshelves!!!!!

The secret word os prvcd