Saturday, January 19, 2008

Movie Night

It was a smashing success, as it always is when I'm allowed to pick the movie. The Mrs. likes to pick horrible movies that even she can't stand. This is because she picks movies based on who is in them, not what they are about. Thus, we get subjected to, say, a month of nothing but Kirsten Dunst movies. Or Jake Gyllenhaal. And the fact of the matter is that there are only two actors who have been in more than a couple movies yet never been in a bad one, but we've already seen all the Tom Hanks movies. And the other guy hasn't really been making movies since he became governor of California.

I, on the other hand, and much more concerned about the plot and the drama, so I choose movies based on that with little regard as to who is in them. I know this is exactly what Hollywood does not want me to do, so I feel all the better about it.

Let me add one little caveat, though, before The Mrs. gets all hysterical in the comments section or is moved to finally put up the first post on her blog. I do have one exception to the above, and that is that I have a penchant for Pam Grier movies. The Mrs does not share this love however, and after we watched one of the best movies made in the 70's, Coffy, she banned me from getting any more Pam Grier movies from Netflix.

She needs to exert control over every aspect of my life in order to be happy. I suppose I should be happy that she still lets me pee standing up.

Anyways, due to our differing methods for selecting entertainment, movie night is usually substantially more entertaining when we are watching one of my selections. And last night was no exception to that. We watched American Pie Presents: Beta House.

I don't want to say too much about this one, as it just recently came out on DVD so most of you probably haven't seen it yet. It had its rough spots - the dialog might have been written on a napkin during lunch at Burger King, the acting was reminiscent of cardboard cutouts, but the cinematography was fabulous. The whole movie, you never wanted to look away for a second, so riveting was the scenery.

Even The Mrs., who is not known for her comedic sensibilities, was heard to break into laughter during the "throwing up does not disqualify you" scene.


wife said...

Tom Hanks has been in one bad movie.

blogauthor said...

her blog???? When!? Where?!

Pam Grier?

I used to watch Tom Cruise movies religiously until he became an idiot. Or rather, he's been an idiot all along, it just became apparent more recently. Why are all the beautiful ones gay or psychotic?

Fat Moother said...

"Big" was a stoopid mooovie. Tom Hanks is an incredible versatile actor.