Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why am I posting at 2:36AM?

Well, I had to wait for the fire department to go home first.

[Everything is fine. One of our smoke detectors got dusty, apparently, and in these fancy new houses, they're all wired together. When every smoke detector in the house goes off at 2AM, you kinda just grab the kids and get the hell out of the house.]


Anonymous said...

Crazy. The brother's went off in a similar fashion when he made a fire. It did not occur to me to leave the house. I just sat and stared at the fire. Leaving the house is a very good idea.

Anonymous said...

You'll freeze yer ass off kid!

Anonymous said...

Leaving the house is a terrible idea.

It could be an ambush.

blogauthor said...

That woulda freaked me out! Glad it was a false alarm.

Reminds me of an incident in my long distant past when I lived in a place with subzero temperature an unreasonable amount of the time. The fire alarm went off in my apt building, and being the dork that I was - recently out of undergrad where the fire alarm rings every other day as a prank - I ignored it, muttering to myself hoping it would stop already. Even though it was 3 am and I no longer lived in a dorm....duh. Not long after it started blaring, my neighbor started beating on my door; I opened the door and black billowing smoke came rolling in!! We booked it outta there, him in his skivvies (note: tighty whities, quite an unfortunate choice in sleepwear for such a wide variety of reasons) and me in beat up tshirt and old shorts (a far more sensible choice relatively speaking). Neither of us had shoes on, but you don't exactly think of shoes when you are on the 3rd floor and there is a raging fire somewhere below you.

Turns out the apt directly below mine caught fire (grease fire in kitchen) and gutted half of the second floor and came up through my floor. Everything stunk for ages and I had to basically go live elsewhere for a few weeks so I could leave the windows open in January to destinkify everything.

Glad that didn't happen to y'all!

Rhonda said...

that'll get your heart rate up.

Good to hear it wasn't a fire.

Nava said...

OK - dead dishwasher, crazy smoke detectors - what a way to start the new year.

Happy 2008!!