Friday, November 10, 2006

Banned from Blogging

You may have noticed how I haven't posted anything for a while. Not even a comment on one of the insipid blogs I link to. Well, I got temporarily banned from blogging. The Mrs. hadn't been getting much sleep, and I was going out of town for 4 days (M-Th), so she very graciously asked if I could stop wasting all my time with you idiots and concentrate on her. Or else she accused me of having an affair with one of my commenters (nearly all of whom, you will note, are womens). I'm not 100% certain, because when The Mrs. doesn't get much sleep, she doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and it's best not to push for clarity.

So I took about a week off. We got new mattresses delivered today (one for us and one for the guest room), so The Mrs. will be sleeping much better starting tonight. I expect to resume some blogging over the weekend. I have so much to share.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i noticed that you had stopped posting on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed the lead comment on your blog about taking the world over by attrition. Reminded me of a comedian I saw on the tiny TV on a Jet Blue flight last month. He was Irish - said that there are more Irish people living outside Ireland than within the country. He thinks the toiurist bureau should use his new slogan - "Come to Ireland. We're not all there..."

Anonymous said...

Is there a time limit on this ban (something like "No blogging for you. Come back 1 year")?

Or was the dinner related blog the shark-tank for Me, CherkyB?

Hope to see you back soon - I know the other sites (such as The JohnnyB) can't keep them happy for long!

Nava said...

With your recurring obsession about The JohnnyB's butt, and the fact that you no longer leave comments for him - one finds oneself wondering if The JohnnyB is the prime suspect for that affair.
Anything I should know?...